Sound Pressure Units

Introduction to Sound Pressure Units

Coles Electroacoustics Ltd have manufactured an extensive range of Moving Coil Sound Pressure Units for over 33 years and supply most of the leading companies in the UK.

The size, impedance and output of our sound pressure units can be tailored to customer requirements.

Download Technical Specification Document PDFs:

3200 3300 3400 3401 3500
Coles sound pressure units
Coles 3200 sound pressure unit red

CE3200 red 8 ohm

CE3200 8hm sound pressure unit blue

CE3200 blue 8 ohm

Coles 3200 sound pressure unit green

CE3200 green 8 ohm

CE3300 reverse alarm sound pressure unit

CE3300 reverse alarm

Coles 3400 sound pressure unit


3500 8 ohm brown sound pressure unit 600x600

CE3500 8 ohm

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