CE 5000 5 inch Bass/Mid or Mid

*Enclosure Dependent
**At 24ºC

Frequency Range 40Hz - 12KHz
Useable Frequency Response 60Hz - 10KHz
Free Air Resonance 50Hz
Nominal Impedance 8 OHM
D.C. Resistance 6 OHM
Max. Continuous Sine Handling 40W R.M.S.
System Programme Rating (Rec. Max) 80W
Flux Density 10,000 Gauss
Dimensions 135mm x 135mm
Depth 60mm
Weight 1.134KG
Piston Diameter 100mm
Coil Diameter 25mm
Mounting Hole 14mm x 114mm
Sensitivity (dB for 1 Watt @ 1 Metre) 87dB
Mounting Recommendation I/B 7-15LTR
Reflex 15-20LTR
Coil Former Aluminium/Paper
Cone Material Paper
Non Standard Options Available Different Impedances
Finish Self colour black
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