CE 4001 Super Tweeter

*Enclosure Dependent
**At 24ºC

Frequency Range 1.2KHz - 35KHz
Useable Frequency Response 8KHz - 35KHz
5KHz - 25KHz
Free Air Resonance 1.6KHz
Nominal Impedance /K = 7 OHM
/G = 16 OHM
D.C. Resistance /K = 6 OHM
/G = 23 OHM
Max. Continuous Sine Handling 120W
System Programme Rating (Rec. Max) 120W
Flux Density 10,000 Gauss
Dimensions Dia 76mm
Body Dia 61mm
Depth 20mm
Weight 250g
Piston Diameter 19mm
Coil Diameter 19mm
Mounting Hole 61mm
Sensitivity (dB for 1 Watt @ 1 Metre) /K 87dB 5K-
/G 85dB 15K
Mounting Recommendation Front flush on baffle
Coil Former Self Supporting
Cone Material Polyester
Non Standard Options Available Different Impedances
Finish Black powder coat

Download Technical Specification Document PDF:

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