Vibration Generator

Vibration Generator

The Vibration Generator is a moving coil device with a frequency range in excess of 10Hz to 10KHz. It is powered by the low impedance output of an audio frequency signal Generator.
The unit is mounted on a strong base and is enclosed in a transparent plastic case which allows the movement of the coil to be seen. The coil and magnet assembly are protected from the entry of foreign particles. A threaded extension of the armature allows attachment of the item to be vibrated, e.g. plates for chladni figure experiments.

The vibrator may be operated vertically or horizontally. A useful load may be vibrated and moderate side forces to the armature are permitted.


  • Maximum Input voltage – 9V peak
  • Frequency Range (normal maximum) – 1Hz to 15KHz
  • Maximum Stroke - +/- 3.5mm (with 5V peak input at approx. 10Hz)
  • Armature Driving Power – 200 grammes vibrated at 3Hz with 5V peak input
  • Coil Resistance – 4 ohms approx.
  • Maximum Side Force on Armature Extension – 5 Newtons

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