Magnetism In The Curriculum

Key Stage 1

MagnetmanMagnetism is listed by name under Science 2: Materials and their properties. In this section it simply states that pupils should be taught to sort materials into groups on the basis of simple properties, including whether they are magnetic or non-magnetic.

Magnetism is an example of a force and as such could also be taught under Science 3: Physical Processes. One of the three topics to be covered under this heading is Forces and Motion. There are many different types of force including pulls, pushes, weight (caused by gravity), fluid upthrust (the force that pushes up a floating cork), magnetic, electrostatic and friction. The only requirements here are that pupils are taught examples of both pushes and pulls.

Key Stage 2

Children should be taught that there are forces of attraction and repulsion between magnets, and forces of attraction and repulsion between magnets and magnetic materials.


Additional information

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