Magnetman Overview

The Magnetman Class Activity Kit is an answer to every primary teacher's prayer!

All primary teachers know how time consuming and difficult it can be to plan and resource a high quality science lesson. Not only does the lesson have to be interesting and challenging, but it must also meet the requirements of the National Curriculum QCA science document. Planning can quickly become a nightmare of searching and cross-referencing through documents and folders.

Magnetman KitThis new Class Activity Kit cuts through all your planning and resource problems at a stroke!

  • The magnets are high quality and very powerful ceramic types. They are encased in tough, non-toxic plastic and have a stainless steel bar running through the centre to allow them to be suspended for some experiments.
  • The kit is housed in a strong plastic case, and its contents are held in place by a foam insert, making it easy to count and check them at the end of a lesson.
  • You will not be faced with a disintegrating cardboard box and lost pieces after a few months!
  • magnetmanThe kit comes with a comprehensively illustrated book of experiments, games, cross-curricular activities, photocopy masters for work sheets and OHP transparencies and plenty of background scientific information for teachers.
  • The book has been written and illustrated by two very experienced primary teachers who have day to day practical experience of what really works in a classroom.
  • There is sufficient material in the kit to resource a whole class lesson.
  • You will be secure in the knowledge that all your lessons will meet the requirements of the QCA science document.

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